Herstyler 3P 3-In-1 Curling System Review

By | September 10, 2013

The Herstyler 3P 3-In-1 Curling System is just what is needed when you want a unique and clean finish when curling your hair. Since the 3P was created to be used by professionals, it allows the user to get hair that makes you look like you’ve just come out of the salon and it is easy to use. Now you can create catwalk style curls in your own home, and with three different barrels you can change your style whenever you like.

Important Features

One of the most important features of this curling iron is that there are three interchangeable barrels, allowing you to change the size of your curls. Further there is no complicated methods to changing the barrels, so it is simple and user-friendly.

Another important feature is that there are ceramic and digital technology, ensuring that hair does not get damaged from the heat, and also repels humidity, leaving your curls sleek and long-lasting. Since the 3P Curling System reaches to 200 celsius you can ensure that your style will be long lasting, and with a built-in temperature display you know exactly how hot the curling barrel is, that means no more guessing just how hot the barrel is.

Another feature highlights just how much your own safety has been considered and there is even a thermal glove, ensuring that you will not burn yourself. Herstyler considered your safety as paramount and ensured that there will be no unnecessary burns and you will be able to hand your hair without the fear of being burnt.

Whos Will Buy This?

Herstyler 3P 3-In-1 Curling System

The Herstyler 3P 3-In-1 Curling System is suitable for anyone who enjoys curling their hair, either on a daily basis or for special occasions and since it is made to the highest possible standard you will be able to use it time and time again. Made not just for at home but also for professionals, this product is great for salon workers also.

Value for Money?

Depending on the hair type, many may find it difficult using conventional curlers, however, Herstyler is designed for people with all different hair types and length. There is also the added advantage of not having to wait a long time for the curler to heat up, so you can use it almost instantly. The thermal glove gives you the added security and ease in knowing that you will not get burnt and you can therefore work with your hair until you get your desired look.

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